April 6, 2023
Vlastimil Vodička

How to Use a Job Tracking Spreadsheet to Automatically Track Job Changes

Discover how to use a job tracking spreadsheet to automatically track job changes and boost your sales. Learn how Pipebooster can revolutionize your business by fostering personal connections with prospects and customers.

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In this article, I'll show you a one-of-a-kind application, that can help you to track the job changes of your prospects on auto-pilot mode.

This is truly a big thing, a real game-changer!

Without further ado, let's jump right into it.

Why Would I Like to Track Job Changes?

Well, it may sound crazy, but to generate heaps of sales. You can find more detailed articles about it on our website, like this one (3 Ways to Generate Leads With Job Tracking Software 2023 (pipebooster.io)) or this one (5 Ways to Make Money by Tracking Your Prospects' Job Changes (pipebooster.io)).

But in a nutshell, here's the essence of it:

  • You can track the job changes of your warm leads
  • You can also track the job changes of your customers

By doing this, whenever they switch to a new one, you'll get notified, and you can congratulate them on that.

A conversation in this case can look like follows:

Someone, who tracked a job change:
"Hey John, It's been a while, how you doing? I saw that you changed jobs from being the product owner of Pepsi Coke to the Coca-Cola Company, where you landed the product owner position for Coca-Cola Coke. It's truly awesome, just wanted to give you a nice pat on the shoulders for making this happen. Wish you all the best there."

Someone, who changed the job:

"Hey Nick, I'm doing great! Yes, I finally made it, it was an extremely tough decision to make, and a long interview process. But hey, I'm here, so it's a new era for me, which I can't wait to see unveiled. How are things around you and for your company?"

Someone, who tracked a job change:
"We're doing better than ever! Honestly, remember our product that you also used at Pepsi, and been a great hit? We are having such a high demand for it, it makes millions for our customers!"

Someone, who changed the job:

"Sure I remember now that you are mentioning it. Actually, it is truly a great product, I'll let Coca-Cola know that we've been killin' it with your product at Pepsi, so we may have another business queued up for you if you have the capacity to take on one more client."

Someone, who tracked a job change:
"Sure thing John, would be awesome!"

And that's how you make a new sale by just a simple thing: making personal connections and appreciating the achievements of your fellow business partners. And this is what Pipebooster can help you with! Harness the power of high-quality inbound leads that are qualified and engaged.

So, How can I Track Job Changes with a Google Spreadsheet?

Alrighty, now I got your interest, haven't I? Okay, I'll explain it to you step-by-step. Let's dive into the 'how' of taking both your inbound and outbound sales to the next level.

But before I do so, just one more thing. This information which I'm sharing with you right now is highly valuable! It isn't only working and generating hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue right now for companies like the Swiss Post or the Singapore Airlines but also continuously allows them to save thousands on expenses, since the alternatives of Pipebooster, like Salesbolt or Usergems are charging thousands of dollars per month for this service, which you can get for free from Pipebooster for 250 contacts!

1. Create a Database

Creating a database in Job Change Tracker

Start with creating a database of those, that you'd like to track the job changes of. In your spreadsheet, you should have the following columns:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Company Name / Company Website / Email Address

You can have more info about your leads/customers of course, but essentially these are the details that Pipebooster will need in order to find a certain person on LinkedIn. Because that's what it's capable of! With just these, it will match the person with their LinkedIn profile and can easily enrich your database by tracking job changes or even adding additional details, like email address, job position, phone number, gender, work history, education, etc.

So, it will find and monitor those LinkedIn profiles and will look for job changes (or any other change in their details).

For this to work, you can download this Google Spreadsheet extension from the Extensions store, or via visiting this link: Job Change Tracker - Linkedin & Emails Finder - Google Workspace Marketplace

2. Create a Pipebooster User Account

You can easily sign up for Pipebooster (for free btw) on our homepage. Just fill in your details, and you are in.

Our prices are extremely favorable, starting from 0$ for 250 contacts.

Pipebooster's pricing options

You can find our prices here: Pipebooster | Pricing.

3. Connect Your Pipebooster Account to the Google Spreadsheet

Connecting Your Pipebooster Account to the Google Spreadsheet

Click on the "Connect Sheet" button (the blue one on the image) and you're all set to use Pipebooster's built-in features, like automatic job tracking and data enrichment. Need more information? By following the link you can learn more about the benefits of a job tracking SaaS and automated employment monitoring.

Value Summary

In conclusion, tracking job changes and staying connected with your prospects and customers is an invaluable strategy for boosting your sales and nurturing personal relationships. By harnessing the power of Pipebooster and integrating it with your Google Spreadsheet, you can effortlessly monitor job changes and enrich your database with essential LinkedIn information. So why wait? Give Pipebooster a try, and watch as this game-changing tool revolutionizes the way you conduct business, creating lasting connections and driving success in a more personal and meaningful way. After all, in the world of business, it's the relationships that truly count.

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