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Seamless integrations

Pipebooster provides seamless integrations with CRMs and can be integrated with other tools through Zapier. The integration with your CRM and existing routing logic enables end-to-end automation of lead management, eliminating manual data entry and ensuring that no hot leads are missed. With this integration, warm leads are automatically routed to the right team members and email sequences, making the sales process more efficient and streamlined.

Keep track of all important contacts

With Pipebooster, you never have to miss out on potential opportunities. The platform allows you to track all your contacts, including CRM contacts and product users, ensuring that no job change goes unnoticed. In addition, Pipebooster enriches leads with verified contact information.

Precise notifications of job changes

With Pipebooster, irrelevant job titles and changes are filtered out, including positions like advisor, investor, members of hobby or interest groups, and merger and acquisition events.