Pipebooster vs Apollo

Grow your pipeline and improve conversion rates by following your customers to their new companies.

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Real-time job change tracking
No only with database update, every 3-9 months
Automated contact information updates
Find new email contact´s address
Direct integration with CRMs
Integration via Zapier
Open API for custom integrations
Free trial
Notifications of job changes
Worldwide coverage
No, Apollo covers only contacts from their database, for example they do not have good coverage of Europe
Unlimited seats

Precise job change alerts

Maximize your chances of success by swiftly connecting with your ideal buyers.

Apollo updates only occur every 3 to 9 months, which means you could miss the opportunity to send a timely message and the buyer may have already allocated their budget towards competing products.

Track job changes worldwide

Apollo updates job changes based on their database, but their coverage is limited to certain regions. With Pipebooster, you have the ability to track job changes globally in all areas.

Workflow automation

Pipebooster seamlessly integrates with your CRM, eliminating manual data entry and streamlining the process of adding new contacts and job changes. With Pipebooster, your team will receive immediate alerts, allowing them to follow up with warm leads without any additional effort.