Why is Tracking Buyers
Job Changes Important?

Grow your pipeline and improve conversion rates by following your customers to their new companies.

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Track past customers who moved to new job

Receive new leads directly in Pipedrive or Hubspot - along with their new contact information - every time when your customers change their jobs.

Tracking mid-funnel and latter-stage closed lost contacts.

If a prospect went through an entire sales cycle with your team, they already know the value proposition. If they didn’t cross the finish line this time around, it might be due to budget, bandwidth, or things out of their control.

Find new people who replaced the ones that left

Receive new leads directly in CRM - along with their new contact information - immediately when your customers change their jobs.

Automate outreach workflow to generate new warm pipeline

Automatically contact new potential customers and use Pipebooster to create warm & timely outreach at scale.

Enrich your CRM data

Enrich incomplete data about your customers. Update their account details with company & detailed contact info, including email & Linkedin profile.

TEAMs THAT TRUST PIPEBOOSTER to grow their revenue

"Leadspicker team was really responsive and understood what we were looking for. Key for us was penetration into new markets and the team connected us to the type of innovators (startups) from across the world we were looking for."

Mahmoud El Achi

Head of Innovation,
Qatar Foundation, World Innovation
Summit for Health (WISH)

“The team provided great customer service from the beginning to the end. I would recommend them without reservation.”

Roman Jelínek

Project Manager, Pfizer

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