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How do you write a warm lead email?

Warm emails are more effective than cold sales emails because they prioritize building a relationship with the prospect instead of getting straight to the point and focusing solely on making a sale. Personalize the email, genuinely expressing an interest in the prospect and their business, and addressing their pain points. This creates a connection that increases the likelihood of receiving a response. By leveraging personalization and rapport-building techniques, warm emails foster meaningful relationships with prospects and promote higher response rates.

Battle-Tested Templates and Automation

Need some ideas? We're here to help you. Use these email templates that will generate warm leads for your sales reps. We tested them in plenty of our campaigns. Trust me, the proven language and structure will aid your efforts to increase your open rates and your B2B sales.

There is more though. We at Pipebooster love warm leads and automation so we had this revolutionary idea to match those 2 concepts and create a marketing automation software that can spare the precious human working hours of your sales team. Pipebooster offers an automated solution for writing warm emails that seamlessly integrates personal data from your CRM system, enriched with the prospect's LinkedIn data, to create tailored and engaging messages that resonate with your target audience. Sounds crazy right?

Screenshot of an automatically generated personalized email draft by Pipebooster

Warm emails, when combined with effective templates and automation tools like Pipebooster and form a powerful strategy for nurturing prospects and generating new business opportunities.

Sales Email Template 1: Reconnecting with a prospect after a job change

Purpose: To congratulate the prospect on their new role, ask how things are going, and offer your help

Scenario: The prospect went dark a while ago, then later on you received a notification from Pipebooster that they changed jobs. You want to congratulate them and explore potential business opportunities, eg. upselling in their new role.

Subject line:

Congrats on the new role, [FIRST NAME]! How can we help?


I noticed that you recently started a new position at [PROSPECT'S NEW COMPANY] – congratulations! I hope the transition has been smooth, and you're settling in well.

Given your new role, I wanted to touch base and see if there might be any new opportunities for us to collaborate. At [YOUR COMPANY NAME], we specialize in [SERVICES/SOLUTIONS] and have helped many organizations like yours achieve their goals.

If you think there might be potential for us to work together or if you'd simply like to catch up and discuss your current challenges, I'd be more than happy to set up a call. Just let me know your availability, and we can find a time that works best for both of us.

Wishing you continued success in your new position, and I look forward to the possibility of working together!

Best regards, [YOUR NAME]

Colleagues discussing industry trends related to a warm email they received

Template 2: Offering value based on recent news

Purpose: To demonstrate your knowledge of the prospect's industry and offer valuable insights

Scenario: You came across a piece of industry news relevant to the prospect's business and want to share your thoughts on how it may impact them.

Subject line:

[FIRST NAME], thought you'd find this news interesting


I recently came across this article about [INDUSTRY NEWS] and thought it might be of interest to you, given its potential impact on [PROSPECT'S COMPANY].


In light of this development, I believe there's an opportunity for [YOUR COMPANY] to help you navigate the changes and provide innovative solutions that can benefit your business. We have extensive experience in [SPECIFIC AREA] and have helped many clients in similar situations.

If you'd like to discuss this further, I'd be happy to set up a call and share some ideas that could support your current goals. Let me know if you're available, and we can find a convenient time to connect.

Best regards, [YOUR NAME]

Template 3: Follow-up email after a B2B networking event

Purpose: To build rapport and establish a connection based on a recent interaction

Scenario: You met the prospect at a networking event and want to follow up on the conversation you had.

Subject line:

Great meeting you at [EVENT], [FIRST NAME]


It was a pleasure meeting you at [EVENT] last week. I enjoyed our conversation about [TOPIC] and appreciated your insights on the challenges and opportunities in the [PROSPECT'S INDUSTRY].

I'm excited about the possibility of collaborating with you and [PROSPECT'S COMPANY]. As I mentioned during our conversation, [YOUR COMPANY] specializes in [SPECIFIC SOLUTIONS] and has a track record of helping businesses like yours achieve success.

Would you be open to scheduling a call to further discuss how we can support your goals? Let me know your availability, and I'll set up a meeting at a convenient time for both of us.

Looking forward to continuing our conversation!

Best regards, [YOUR NAME]

Template 4: Addressing a common pain point

Purpose: To empathize with a prospect's challenges and present your solution as a potential remedy

Scenario: You know the prospect is facing a common industry challenge, and you want to offer your assistance.

Subject line:

Tackling [PAIN POINT] together, [FIRST NAME]


I understand that many businesses in [PROSPECT'S INDUSTRY] face challenges when it comes to [PAIN POINT], and I believe [YOUR COMPANY] can help you overcome this issue.

Our team has developed a unique approach to [SOLUTION], which has proven effective for numerous clients in your industry. We focus on [KEY DIFFERENTIATOR] to ensure that our solutions are tailored to your specific needs and objectives.

I'd love the opportunity to discuss how we can collaborate to tackle [PAIN POINT] and help [PROSPECT'S COMPANY] achieve its goals. Are you available for a call sometime next week? Let me know a time that works for you, and I'll make sure to schedule it.

Looking forward to the possibility of working together!

Best regards, [YOUR NAME]

Template 5: Celebrating a prospect's recent achievement

Purpose: To congratulate the prospect and build rapport by acknowledging their success

Scenario: The prospect has recently achieved a significant milestone or received an award, and you want to congratulate them while offering your services.

Older businessman smiling as he receives a congratulatory email

Subject line:

Congratulations on your [ACHIEVEMENT], [FIRST NAME]!


I recently came across the news about your [ACHIEVEMENT] and wanted to extend my congratulations! It's always inspiring to see businesses like yours making a positive impact in the industry.

At [YOUR COMPANY], we're passionate about helping companies like [PROSPECT'S COMPANY] continue to grow and succeed. We offer [SERVICES/SOLUTIONS] that can further enhance your current efforts and help you reach new heights.

I'd be thrilled to have a conversation with you about how we can support your ongoing success. Would you be open to a call in the coming week? Let me know your availability, and I'll arrange a convenient time for us to discuss further.

Once again, congratulations on your well-deserved achievement!

Best regards, [SALESPERSON NAME]


Have you enjoyed our time-honored warm lead email templates? These templates prioritize relationship-building and personalization, ensuring higher response rates from your prospects. Remember, combining these templates with powerful automation tools like Pipebooster can enhance your email campaigns even further. Don't forget to always tailor your approach based on your prospect's needs and industry, and watch your response rates skyrocket!


How to write email subject lines that get opened?

To write email subject lines that get opened, focus on creating curiosity, personalization, and relevance. Keep it short, use the prospect's name or company, get straight to the point, and address their specific needs or pain points.

Is there a difference between warm and cold email templates?

Yes, warm email templates are designed for prospects you have had previous interactions with, while cold email templates get in touch with prospects who have no prior relationship with you. Warm emails often build on past conversations and rapport and are more appropriate to include a sales pitch, whereas cold emails need to establish a connection from scratch.

Can I use the warm email templates above in cold email campaigns?

It's not advisable to use warm email templates for cold email outreach, as they assume prior interaction and rapport. Instead, tailor your approach to cold prospects by focusing on establishing a connection, demonstrating value, and addressing their specific needs or pain points. Stay tuned as we'll also share our best cold email templates in another blog article.

How often should I follow up with a prospect?

The frequency of follow-up in your email marketing depends on the prospect's engagement and your industry. Generally, it's advisable to follow up every 3-5 business days after the initial contact, gradually spacing out the follow-ups if the prospect remains unresponsive. This way you can generate plenty of leads for your sales team.

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