Connect Pipebooster with in 5 Steps to Generate Warm Leads in a New Way

Make a profit by tracking your prospects' job changes and reaching out to them with a multi-channel automatic sales process, using Pipebooster and Reply.

Connect Pipebooster with to Generate Warm Leads

Make a profit by tracking the job changes of your potential customers and reaching out to them with a multi-channel automatic outreach method, using Pipebooster and Reply. In this article, we'll get into the details and how to nurture these leads effectively.

The Different Types of Leads

Since you clicked on this article I assume that you know the difference between cold and the other types of leads. If not, then in a nutshell:

  • Cold leads are those that don't know you, you reach out to them via cold outreach methods like cold calling, cold emailing, etc.
  • Warm leads do know you and they already expressed interest in your products or services, like signing up for your email newsletter by filling out your contact form on your landing page
  • Hot leads are the ones that are in 'Buy Now' mode, they know your services, they are qualified leads, and are ready to make a purchase

So, with this being said, you should also know about Pipebooster and, and what they offer.

Pipebooster in a Nutshell

Screenshot of Pipebooster's homepage

Pipebooster can help you with many things, but basically, you can:

  • Track contacts' job changes
  • Enrich CRM data
  • Send emails to your leads in a Nutshell

Screen showing the homepage of

With, you can manage multi-channel marketing outreach campaigns. We've used it ourselves for many purposes like reaching out to our sales leads through LinkedIn (automatically), SMS, or emails. It's been handy with HR-related emails just as well.

Its main features are:

  • Email outreach
  • SMS outreach
  • Call scheduling
  • LinkedIn outreach also offers integration with many tools. Here at Pipebooster, we offer native Hubspot and Pipedrive CRM integrations and Zapier. also has all the previously mentioned integrated, so connecting these two is just a breeze, but we'll walk you through it.

By the way, if you are looking for an alternative to, you should definitely check out Salesbooster. It's pretty similar to but uses AI heavily. So, if you are looking for a solution that does the prospecting for you (AI-powered) and the outreach, all with just a few clicks on auto-pilot, then Salesbooster is most definitely your thing!

1. Step: Import Your Lead List into Pipebooster

You can do this by first creating an account here.

You can create a free account, which lets you track up to 250 contacts. You can find the full pricing here.

After creating your account, you have to make a project. Name it whatever you want. I advise using the name of your lead list.

Pipebooster's dashboard displaying the user's projects

When your project is ready, open that up and add your contacts. You can add leads manually, importing them from a CVS or connecting the system with your CRM (Hubspot or Salesforce) or via Zapier with virtually anything.

2. Step: Enrich Your Data and Track Job Changes

Job tracking and data enrichment project view in Pipebooster

Simply select both options. Pipebooster will automatically enrich your data. From just a first name, last name, and company name it can identify the certain contact's LinkedIn profile, find its email address, validate it with 100% certainty, and enrich your data with updates and additional information. With the help of the enriched personal data you can easily send personalized outreach which will greatly contribute to your customer relationship efforts. Also, when calling warm leads, you can tap into the power of warm transfer leads relying on the up-to-date customer data available in the CRM.

3. Step: Connect Pipebooster with

Integrating Pipebooster with

You can use a few different methods to achieve this. We'd recommend two:

  1. Connect Pipebooster and to your CRM: Pipebooster will get your contacts automatically from your CRM. Then, it can enrich the data, track the job changes, and pass the information back to the CRM. Your Reply can then fetch the newly modified contact to its system and a trigger can automatically add them to a campaign.
  2. Via Zapier or API: You can set triggers in Pipebooster, so when a contact changes jobs it will trigger Zapier which then can pass the data to Reply, where again, a trigger can add the newly added contact to your campaigns.

4. Step: Create a Trigger

Creating a trigger in Pipebooster

As you can see in the 3rd step, whichever method you choose, it's best to create a trigger in Reply. You'll have to create a trigger that will monitor if a new contact has been added to Reply, and then can identify them based on some information and add them automatically to your desired outreach campaigns. This step is not essential, although it's best to automate as many steps in your sales cycle as possible. Those automations mean a lot when considering sales costs.

5. Step: Create Your Campaign(s)

Creating campaigns in

To create a campaign in Reply, simply hit on the first menu item (sequences) and create a new sequence. Depending on your package, you'll be able to create multi-channel marketing campaigns.

You can easily create a campaign as follows:

  1. Check the lead's LinkedIn profile: The system can access your LinkedIn (if you enable it) automatically and can view their profiles. It will create a human-like impression like you just searched for your contact. As you probably know, LinkedIn can show you (depending on your subscription) who checked your profile and also gives you notifications about this.
  2. Like their most recent LinkedIn post: You can create another automatic step for this. Liking your leads' latest post will most definitely sell them the thought, that you actually manually checked their profile, and saw that they changed jobs. After this, if you write them to congratulate them on their job change, no one will ever suspect that you used automated systems to do so.
  3. Write them a LinkedIn message / send them a connection request: If they are connected with you, you can send them direct inMails through LinkedIn. This step, just like all the above, can be fully automated. You can mention to them that you saw that they changed their jobs from X to Y (these are smart variables, the system will fill in the right data), and wish them the best there. This can start a genuine conversation, which will improve your network, and eventually, you can bend the direction of the conversation towards something like "Remember how good it was for your company to use our product? Do you think your new company could benefit from it?". Don't forget that these leads are individuals, these leads are people, and people crave being praised for their hard-earned successes.
  4. Follow-ups: You don't have to be pushy, but sending a few follow-ups will drastically improve your response and B2B conversion rates. Need a hand in crafting emails? Fortunately our sales team shared a few warm email templates with the public. Your prospects will be ever grateful for doing so since they will honestly think that you are someone who is genuinely interested in their path. Believe me, almost everyone will reply to you! And the best? Due to your personlized and timely outreach, you'll be successful in closing those warm leads.

Summary to Generate Warm Leads

With the above-mentioned method, you'll be able to generate an almost 100% reply rate, and start a conversation with prospects, even if you only have their basic contact information, like first name, last name, and company name or email address! This is a fully-automated sales process, which can easily be implemented by sales teams for quality lead generation.

If you need further help with adding Pipebooster to your sales funnel, don't hesitate to reach out to us. Try out Pipebooster today for free, and track up to 250 contacts!

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