February 21, 2023
Vlastimil Vodička

Track Job Changes & Automate Lead Generation into your CRM & Gmail

Introducing Pipebooster.io - the only platform that keeps track of who is working where, turns these job changes into a new warm pipeline at scale and personalizes outreach that looks and feels real.

About the author
Vlastimil Vodička
Vlastimil Vodička

CEO of Leadspicker

Vlastimil Vodicka is a startup founder with a Venture Capital background. In recent years, with his co-founder, he has built a technology startup that Deloitte has recognized as the 16th fastest-growing technology company in the Central European Deloitte Fast 50 2019 program. After having bootstrapped and earned the first million dollars themselves, Leadspicker landed $2 million in seed funding from Reflex Capital and J&T Ventures.

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